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Comfort Keepers of Fargo, ND Offers Senior in Home Care Services and Products for the Elderly

With over 116,000 inhabitants, Fargo, ND is now the most populated city in the entire State of North Dakota. Around 10% of its population is 65 years and older. It's a percentage that is set to increase considerably as more and more baby boomers come of age in the coming years. Thanks to Comfort keepers and our range of easy-to-use senior in home care services products, things have changed. Today, the elderly get to remain at home even when age-related issues slow them down physically or mentally. This means the boomers of Fargo, North Dakota can keep their independence and stay at home, even as new challenges arise.

Keeping a Caring Eye on Loved Ones

As well as our extensive options of hands-on senior in home care services we also have our product range of support devices. These are high-tech, low-maintenance gadgets that are as simple to use as pushing a button. We call these 'Personal Emergency Response Systems' or PERS for short. All these devices connect to a live, 24/7 caregiver station. Even if there's a power outage, our potentially lifesaving tools won't fail the senior. In home care situations like this, each of our Personal Emergency Response Systems comes with a plan B. The second the mains power goes off they switch over to an emergency battery backup that's good for 24 hours.

Staying Connected

Sometimes, seniors at home alone just want to feel connected, emergency situation or not. The "caretaker" button on our PERS does just that, some of which come with an optional "speak" button as well as the standard alarm feature. All expert representatives at the senior in home care services monitoring center are professionals. They have experience, compassion and the knowledge to deal with situations as they arise.

Want to know more about our alerts, medical monitoring devices and medication management systems? Please contact us here or call Comfort keepers Fargo, ND, on (701) 297-2431.


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