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Senior Care for Those with Dementia in Christine, ND by Comfort Keepers of Fargo, ND

Those in need of specialized senior care can count on our experts for dementia and Alzheimer's related care

The town of Christine, ND was founded by Scandinavian settlers in 1883 and is rumored to have been named after Christina Nilsson who was a well-known Swedish opera singer of the time. While Christine is still a very small town, (according to the 2015 estimated census the population is only 153 souls) approximately 10 percent of the population is over the age of 65.  It only stands to reason that at least a small percentage of this group are likely to be suffering from some form of dementia such as Alzheimer's disease. At Comfort Keepers of Fargo, ND we offer a number of senior care plans specifically designed to help.

Senior care services to assist those with dementia in Christine, NDUnderstanding Senior Care for Dementia in Christine, ND

Dementia is considered one of the worst types of mental illness suffered by the elderly and Alzheimer's is by far the worst form of dementia, affecting 50 to 80 of all dementia patients. Dementia is a mental illness that affects a person's memory and their ability to perform many basic tasks they have been doing all of their lives. In time an afflicted person may lose part or all of their memory as well as need a helping hand with routine daily tasks. Our senior care plans in Christine, ND have been specifically designed to assist those suffering from the many forms of dementia.

There are many ways our care programs for those in Christine, ND with dementia and Alzheimer's disease can help. To start with we have a team of highly skilled caregivers who are certified, professionally trained, licensed, insured and bonded who are available for as little as a few hours a week or in shifts 24/7 as needed. They can assist with many basic homemaking tasks, personal grooming, bathing, dressing, toileting, and provide relaxed and enjoyable companionship. Our goal is to make it possible for a loved one who is suffering from dementia or Alzheimer's disease to spend their remaining days safe in the family home instead of a nursing facility.

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If you are ready to learn more about our senior care for dementia, contact us today, at (701) 297-2431. We can answer all of your questions and schedule a complimentary appointment in your loved one’s home to show you what our comprehensive home care services in Christine, ND can do for you. 

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